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Move more. Recover faster.

Run, ride, hike, and recover like never before

No matter how you move, bluerub is for you.

Natural body care to protect your skin, improve your performance, and speed recovery, using safe, plant-based, non-toxic ingredients.

Thanks to bluerub this sensitive-skin gal is chafe free after my long ride yesterday and long run today.

Michelle B. Triathlete

I raced triathlons for over 10 years using Body Glide and thought it was the best anti-chafe treatment until I stumbled across Bluerub at a local Bike Shop. Bluerub is by far and away a superior product when it comes to eliminating chafing while running and cycling. More importantly, it does not damage or stain your clothing. It has allowed me to train longer and more comfortably.

Jeff F. Triathlete

Since finding bluerub I’ve ran over 30 marathons and races, totaling over 1500 miles in a single year.

Vicki D. Marathoner

I switched from Body Gilde to bluerub and have never looked back

Bob K. Ultrarunner

bluerub chafe is a game changer

Bruce K. Marathoner

Thank you bluerub for allowing me to focus on my run from start to finish.

Vicki D. Marathoner
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Natural Ingredients that Work

Natural skincare is a key component in how you care for your body during training, races, and active days. Our formulations are backed by science and manufactured with strict controls so you can feel good about using our products on your skin.

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Community & Purpose

The bluerub community is for everyone who moves and for those who support them. We encourage sharing joy and loss. We encourage asking for help, and encourage ‘atta boys’ and ‘atta girls’ whenever any one takes even one step more. Join us. Everyone is welcome