Boulder & Portland - Upcoming Races

Boulder & Portland - Upcoming Races

Wow. Fall is here and outdoor running is getting wet and wild, and just a little bit muddy, too. Over the next few weeks, you'll find bluerub at the Boulder Backroads Half Marathon and the Portland Marathon in Oregon. We love these two races because they each embrace the spirit of their location and incorporate a challenging race with iconic scenery and settings.

Boulder Backroads Half Marathon

September 28 is the 19th running of the Boulder Backroads Half Marathon, which takes runners and fans through a figure 8 loop around the backroads surrounding the Boulder Rez. You'll run through grass and trees, enjoy the scenic trail around the reservoir and be supported by volunteers and fans all along the route.
Bluerub will be at the race expo and after-party to help celebrate all participants.

Portland Marathon

Portland MarathonI've had the privilege to run this marathon several years ago. I love running up and over the bridges, the Willamette river winding down below. I'm excited to be back in Portland this year as OHSU has taken over the race and plotted a new course from the Pearl District to Milwaukee, winding runners through dozens of communities, each with a different and unique vibe.

We'll be there at the Moda Center Expo on October 5 with chamois, anti-chafe and recovery products to get you through and over the race.



Products you run with

All of us are different when it comes to how we protect our bodies during a race. But no matter what, protect our bodies we do. Blisters, chafing, hot spots, and annoying rubbing just bring you down.

Tell us how you protect your skin during a race?

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