Catch a Chill! Post recovery workout options

Catch a Chill! Post recovery workout options

As summer turns to winter, we often don't think of ice as something that will feel good after a long run in the rain or 40 miles in the seat. And while heat is great for muscles, sometimes you just need a little extra cooling power to help your muscles and joints recover

bluerub's CHILL

is made without artificial colors or fragrances.

After a long workout or race. Ice packs - or bags of frozen peas - work great to cool down overexerted muscles and create a numbing sensation. But the right cooling skincare products can be less messy and leave you with the ability to keep moving without an ice pack strapped to your back.

When looking for icy cool gels, look first to see key ingredients are present. Menthol crystals generate that cooling sensation we crave. They are a natural by-product of the mint plant and formed when mint oil is extracted from the fresh plant and quick-frozen into crystals. They possess a clean, cool, minty aroma, too, which helps kick in the aromatherapy benefits of mint. You'll also want to look for other herbs and ingredients like arnica, spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, and turmeric. Look for organic aloe as the base as this adds hydration and moisture to your skin. Something most of us need after being in the elements all day.

You'll also want to get to know which ingredients to avoid. Many popular products on the market contain ingredients that aren't great for your skin even though they help you temporarily feel better by reducing your ability to feel the pain.

Some ingredients to watch for include:
• Artificial Colors like FD&C blue#1
• Isoproyl Alcohol - Ethanol (Organic Alcohol) is non-drying. Isopropyl will dry the skin and reduce moisture and hydration.
• Methylparaben, a paraben used in food preservation.
• Silicone or Dimethicone

You can use an icy gel several times a day, either before or after a workout. The cooling effect comes from both the menthol crystals and the essential oils used, such as spearmint, peppermint, or eucalyptus.

Cooling gel is also a good addition to sports or deep tissue massages; apply on tense muscle and massage as usual. The cooling sensation helps reduce tension and stiffness, thereby reducing discomfort and soreness.

We don't recommend adding a hot pack or an ice pack on top of a cooling gel. You'll just confuse your body! Let the arnica and other herbs and essential oils do their work.

Important safety tip: Cooling gels, including bluerub's CHILL, are for external use only and you'll want to avoid getting them in your eyes or touching sensitive body parts before you wash your hands.

About bluerub's CHILL

This fabulous naturally blue color gel is non-toxic, hydrating, and effective, with just the right icy kick for soothing and calming sore muscles. CHILL is an aloe-based gel that is non-staining and feels great.  It was specially formulated for athletes, physical therapists, massage therapists, and bodyworkers to improve performance and reduce downtime.  Contains Organic Aloe Vera, Arnica, Menthol Crystals, Holy Basil, Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oils.

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Val Sanford

Val Sanford 

Growing up in Southern California, Val played competitive softball (coached by her father), was a gymnast, swimmer, ran cross country, fished, hiked, kayaked, and as an adult, experimented in rock climbing and golf. In 2010 she was diagnosed with a rare cancer; a liposarcoma was growing on her sciatic nerve. Once this tumor was removed, she has been cancer-free!

Left with significant nerve damage, she now has limited mobility. Yet still moves and engages in the world around her. She snorkels, walks, travels, and practices yoga to combat chronic pain and to maximize her ability to keep moving. She works with a personal trainer, acupuncturist, physical therapist, and massage therapist to maximize her mobility.

She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and her dog and gets her fins on so she can swim with the fish any time she can.  

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