hand and surface sanitizer spray
hand and surface sanitizer spray


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Keep your gym equipment, your hands, counters, and handles clean and safe without smelling like bleach!  With 70% non-GMO Alcohol and the light burst of citrus, this an excellent spray cleanser for using where ever and whenever it's needed.  

Formulated to effectively clean surfaces cleaners without that toxic bleach smell. This formula meets CDC guidelines.  Ingredients are:

  • non-GMO ethanol made from sugar
  • Essential oils - Lemon, Lime, Litsea, Mandarin and Sweet Orange
  • Water

That's it! Just these simple ingredients create a powerful alternative to surface cleaners that smell terrible.

Stock up for personal use, at work, the gym, and around the home whenever extra cleansing is necessary.  The correct water content prevents the alcohol from evaporating too quickly to be effective.

Spray and let dry, or spray onto a clean cloth and wipe surface. Can be used on fabrics and soft surfaces, but we encourage you to test a patch first as essential oils can react with dyes.


"This is expensive but worth it. My car, my counters, my gym equipment smell like bright citrus and not bleach. I like knowing it works without hurting my skin, the environment, and those I love who are tired of my bleaching routine." - Rob C.

Spray on hands or surfaces to cleanse, let air dry.
Alcohol (Ethanol), Water, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Lemon Peel Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Litsea Fruit Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil. 
We are 100% Naturally Formulated

And we are
• For Sensitive Skin
• Fragrance Free
• Free of artificial coloring
• Non-Staining/Non-Greasy Paraben,
Synthetic Dyes, SLS, & Silicone Free
• Never tested on animals - Never!

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