Apply before or during exercise to inner thighs, under arms, or anywhere skin on skin or skin on fabric causes friction, rubbing, and chafing. Wash off with warm soap and water.

Apply bluerub Chamois Cream directly on skin or your chamois. Use between your thighs, on your seat, under your bra -- anywhere friction happens  Apply before your ride or swim, and apply as needed during workouts and races. Great for cyclists, equestrians, swimmers.  For external use only.  Rinse off with warm soap and water. 

For use as body cream: Apply liberally to tight muscles and knead into the skin. Focus on areas that are sore and tired, avoiding the face and eye area.
For use as a massage cream: Apply as needed to hands and massage onto back, arms, legs, hips and neck, avoiding the face and eye area.
For external use only. Wash hands with soap and water after application.