Apply before or during exercise to inner thighs, under arms, or anywhere skin on skin or skin on fabric causes friction, rubbing, and chafing. Wash off with warm soap and water.

Apply to clean, dry skin.  Start with a small amount and add as needed.  You can apply as needed.  Do not add any additional heat or ice source for several hours after application. For external use only. Rinse hands after application. Avoid touching eyes, mouth or sensitive areas.

Apply prior or after rides, hikes, or sporting events to affected muscles or joints. Can be used as an embrocation cream – apply about 30 minutes prior to your ride. Do not apply more than 4 times daily; massage if necessary. Apply a liberal amount of our topical muscle rub directly to overworked muscles and joints. Keep away from eyes & open wounds - do not ingest. Wash hands with mild soap and water after applying product. Keep away from eyes and open wounds